Our Story

About Us

My Duckling was founded in Australia, specialising in furniture for children, designed by passionate parents in Melbourne. Starting from the basics such as everyday tables and chairs, we have further expanded our collection by developing products such as the multifunctional cabinet, learning towers and many others.

My Duckling has now launched New Zealand site and brought our most popular products locally for our New Zealand customers. 

The idea of our products was inspired by the dedication to love and care for each child. Referring to the learning methods of Montessori, they are designed to guide your child with an environment that fosters independence and growth. The products are especially aimed for children aged 1-6 so that they are able to cultivate organisational skills at an earlier age which will follow and continue to develop with them as they grow.

All our children’s furniture adhere to strict safety and environmental standards, from the selection of only solid wood as the material to the non-toxic coatings that meet international health and safety standards.

Our Story

Since 2014, the products from our factory floors have accompanied more than 30,000 children through each stage of their growth, providing an enjoyable learning environment in the pivotal years of their development.

One day we took our kids to the park and saw a mother duck alongside her ducklings as they crossed the road. The actions of the mother duck which was full of care towards her children deeply moved and inspired us. This is how the name of our brand came about.

In October of 2021, in addition to completing all the mandatory quality assurance checks, My Duckling Australian site was officially launched, and we were approved for sales on Amazon as well as many other local sales channels. Today, you are able to make a simple purchase anywhere our product is available.

7 years in the making, over 30,000 happy customers, we are confident in our products for many years to come as we grow with your child. Excellent design and quality, we are My Duckling.

Our Benefits

Natural solid wood in primary colours, the lighter colouring aids concentration in children. We also retain the natural colours of our product and avoid using any unnecessary dyes and colour repairs.

Adjustable height according to the needs and growth of your little ones increases the lifespan of the furniture. This eliminates the need to constantly replace furniture, saving you time and money while also protecting the environment.

Fitting your child’s body shape, all of our products can be used out-of-the-box without the need to make structural adjustments and removing the hassle of having a piece of furniture that is incompatible in size.

There is plenty of storage space conveniently designed into our furniture to help your child in developing a good habit of organising.

Our Quality

When it comes to the material of choice for our products, they are carefully selected Thai rubber solid wood which is both durable and eco-friendly. It is able to last up to 5 years more than its counterparts.

  • The treated rubber wood lumber has a gloss surface, uniformed and elegant colouring with a beautiful texture. Its decorum profile is similar to that of Ash, Beech and Oak.
  • The treated rubber wood is odourless, structurally sound, and not prone to cracking and deformation. Making the production process easy and safe.
  • We Use E1 glue, which is very environmentally friendly to make the finger-joined lamination materials, making it 1.5 times stronger than its competitors so that your little one is the safest they can possibly be.
  • Each panel for our product goes through the process of shaping, cutting, sanding, and painting. The quality control for our packaging ensures that the quality is assured even before reaching your homes.
  • We only choose solid rubber wood imported from Thailand, which is sturdy and durable. It can be used for an excess of 5 years with normal use and will accompany your little ones as they grow.
  • Rubber wood can be used for around 10 years and has a short replanting period. The wood itself is used after the rubber from it has been taken out. Compared to other wood materials, it is very sustainable.

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