Montessori Learning Towers

Adjustable, natural & safe, we provide the best quality kitchen helpers in New Zealand
My Duckling kid's learning towers are inspired by the learning methods of Montessori.
A Montessori kitchen helper tower is designed to enable your little helpers to participate in the kitchen. Our kid's learning towers are also a step stool, kitchen helper or an accessory that can be added to your home decoration.

We Stock Best Toddler Kitchen Helpers In New Zealand

The Montessori Learning Tower is a popular choice among New Zealand parents as they think it is the best creative furniture for any kid. It also enhances the child's mental development.

The design concept originates of My Duckling from the love and care for kids, focusing on designing adjustable learning towers and achieving the best developments by creating an independent and autonomous environment.

We are so confident that your child will love our My Duckling Learning Tower . It promotes independence,encourages learning and it is adjustable, natural & safe and so on.So why wait? Order your My Duckling Adjustable Learning Tower today and give your kids the gift of exploration, learning, and fun!

Montessori learning towers are a type of adjustable platform or stool designed for young children to safely participate in kitchen and other household activities at adult-height surfaces. They are inspired by the Montessori method of education, which emphasizes hands-on learning and independence.

The My Duckling learning tower is suitable for children aged 1-6 years old.

Yes, safety is our top priority. The My Duckling learning tower is designed with safety features such as side panels and a non-slip platform to ensure your child's safety while exploring and learning.

  • It Promotes independence and self-confidence.
  • It Encourages hands-on learning and fosters a love of learning.
  • It Supports sensory development

Yes, the My Duckling learning tower is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it convenient for parents to move and clean.