Why we choose solid wood?
October 19, 2022

Why we choose solid wood?

Choosing quality My Duckling children’s furniture ensures that it will be with them throughout their growing years and beyond. When selecting furniture for your child’s room, there are many things to consider.

Children’s furniture should be:

  • Versatile: Able to adjust to their changing needs as they grow. Choosing basic furniture pieces that will grow with your child eliminates the need to replace all of the furnishings later as they get older.
  • Sturdy: Able to stand up to wear and tear over many years without the worry of it breaking or falling apart as they get bigger. Solid wood children’s furniture is the best choice since it is extremely durable.
  • Well-made: Most children’s furniture is made from plywood or cheap particle board which breaks very easily. Furniture that is well-made is meant to be long-lasting and will not need replacing during your child’s growing years. Look for features such as solid wood materials, dovetailed construction and soft-close drawer slides. Spending a little more now for quality furniture saves money in the long run.
  • Safe: Children's Furniture should be safe in its construction and design and also in the materials used. Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, can cause a variety of symptoms including headaches, dizziness, nausea and eye, nose and throat irritation and more serious health effects. Choose furniture with a finish that is formaldehyde-free, organic and 100% VOC free, meaning that there is no off-gassing of harmful compounds into the air. It is also non-flammable and eco-friendly.
  • Low-maintenance: Solid wood furniture is easily cared for and requires light dusting and periodic polishing with a wood-safe cleaner. Covering wood surfaces such as dresser, desk and tabletops with a mat or fabric runner protects against nicks and scratches. As with most furniture, promptly cleaning up any spills reduces the risk of finish damage and stains.
  • Timeless: Solid wood children’s furniture pieces are timeless. They can be used for many years and still be in style and match any decor. Children can take it with them when they are on their own, or it can be passed down to a younger child many years later.

Solid rubber wood children’s furniture is a smart choice, it is perfect for both boys and girls. Give any room a warm and inviting feel and mix and match pieces with wood furniture. Sturdy and versatile, rubber wood furniture is built to last. It is easy to care for and can adapt to the many changes your kids’ rooms will undergo throughout the years.

Most of our products are manufactured from rubber wood. One of the many benefits of the rubber tree is the fact that many consider it a commercially sustainable source of wood. Unlike other trees that are felled, rubber trees are always replanted. At the same time, it has many uses across a varied range of commercial sectors, including the furniture and wooden toy industries. Using more rubber wood also ensures that other, less protected trees will be spared the manufacturing purposes.

Strength and durability: Solid rubber wood furniture is made out of one piece of wood, making it strong. Think of it like this: trees in the forest can stay there for hundreds of years! Solid wood furniture will tolerate everyday wear and tear very well, making it well worth the investment.

Unique beauty: Each piece is likely to have its own unique features. No two pieces of rubber wood furniture will look exactly alike! The grain of the wood might travel in different directions or have different shapes, and knots may be in different places on each board. Even the color might be different- wood that’s closer to the center of the tree will be darker.

Maintenance: Solid wood furniture is easy to maintain. Dust it whenever you do your regular cleaning, and wipe it down with a wood cleaner like Murphy’s Oil Soap to maintain the shine of the piece. Just make sure you use a coaster if you put a drink down- water rings are difficult to get out!

Repair: It’s a little easier to repair a small dent or ding in a piece of solid wood furniture by sanding it out and re-finishing it. Furniture that has a veneer is more difficult to repair, especially small superficial damage like a ding. Just be aware that some softer solid woods such as pine are more susceptible to dings and dents in the first place.

Re-Finishing: If you’re the handy type, it’s possible to re-finish a piece of solid wood furniture- this is much harder if the piece isn’t solid rubber wood.